And I'm back!

Hello, wonderful people! I'm officially back from Salt Lake City, and have mixed feelings about it. I really, really didn't want to come home, but alas, all good things of this world must come to an end. Thankfully, God's love and grace are not of this world, and will last forever! I was so encouraged to be able to go on this mission trip with several other teens and adults and just serve and worship God with them. I grew and learned so much during the trip, and I can't wait to live it out while I'm home (and away). Below are about 33 photos that I took (out of 333!) that I would like to show you. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of most of the pictures; just like Mendocino earlier this year, I brought my iPod camera with me everywhere instead of my nice camera. Some of the photos are from the nice camera, though, so I hope you'll enjoy the nice-ish quality of those select few.

 This was the best road I've ever seen. And Winnemucca is a pretty cool city name, dontcha think?
 We got a tour Temple Square to get the idea of what Latter-Day Saints believe and what they place their values in. It's heartbreaking to see how strongly they believe in a lie.
 The organ was really neat! I think this was in the church.

Mini model of the actual temple--no one is allowed inside unless you're a 'good' Mormon. 
I believe this is the entire team in front of the temple.
 The temple--it was so beautiful, but very saddening.
 A few days into the trip, we hiked up to Ensign peak and got to see the entire city!
 The capital building

 No idea what this building is. I think it may be some sort of government meeting center or something... I just liked the clock.

 We got lunch at a taco truck one day. BEST. FOOD. EVER.
 Salt Lake City from the bottom of Ensign Peak...
... Salt Lake City from the top of Ensign Peak!
 My friend Brianna and I thought that one of the pastors (Jon Kopp) from Gospel Grace looked like David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) and Carlton Lassiter (from Psych) combined. But more like David Tennant because he's cooler.
 My family sent this photo to me and said that this is what they thought I was doing in Utah :D
 Slurpees! Huzzah! Left to right: me, Kaitlyn, and Abbi
 Of course there's a picture of Ten in this post. Duh.
 Face painting team: Katy, Kaitlyn, me
 The adorable chapel that Gospel Grace meets at every Sunday!
 Sort of hard to see, but this is the amount of work that our team (and the two other teams that came) did. 55 people total, plus the pastoral team and a few extra adults.
 I drew Kaitlyn's eye! Huzzah!
 At a frozen yogurt shop in the mall that I can't remember the name of
 The fountain at the mall! I believe it was made in honor of the Winter Olympics in 2002.
(right to left) Ruthie, Brianna, and I rocking some awesome hats.
 The. Most. Amazing. Not-A-Taco-Truck. Meal. Ever. (at Noodles)
 Jon Kopp's adorable daughter, Karis! She's my new favorite.
 We cleaned the entire church that we were meeting in (not GG)! Left to right: Abby, Brianna, Elly, Katy, me. (not shown: Ben & Dan, who cleaned the baptismal for almost the whole 3 hours)
 Roomies at the salt flats on the way home! And Phil in the background.
 Guy pictures. Um, yeah. No explanation needed.
(left to right: Zach, Justin [youth pastor], Dan, Ben, Ryan, Andrew, Joel [Justin's 4-year-old son], and Phil being carried)
(left to right: Justin, Dan, Zach, Joel, Ben, Ryan, Hudson [Justin's other 3-year-old son], Phil, Ryan)
Everyone jumping! Left to right: Ruthie, me, Elly, Brianna, Abby, Justin, Andrew, Ryan, Zach, Hudson, Phil, Kaityln, Katy, Abbi, Joel, Dan. Not pictured: Katelyn (Justin's wife, who took the picture and didn't want to jump because the baby in her stomach probably wouldn't like it)
 On Justin's birthday, Elly and I coincidentally wore a shirt (Elly) and shorts (me) that matched Justin's outfit! #hashtagawkwardandawesome
The team in front of Gospel Grace
Most of the team at Ensign Peak
Beautiful clouds and mountains on the drive home.

I do hope you enjoyed the pictures! Which was your favorite? Did you feel like you found out enough about my trip? I'd love to answer any questions in the comments!

much love,

P.S. I received 2/3 of the outfits that I'm giving away to three separate guest posters (if you are a guest poster and would not like to be entered in the giveaway, please let me know)! I'll try to have some pictures up soon. Also, keep spreading the word about the giveaway, please! I'd love to have more guest posts from camp (Friday through Tuesday).
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Priya said...

Awesome!!! Seems like you had lots of fun. :) And I can totally see the Tennant/Lassiter thing. :P

Christina L said...

Love the one of you all jumping on the flats! So classic! Sounds like an awesome trip. :)

Kath said...

I felt the same way as you when I toured the Temple. I went with our youth group to a national teen convention too...