Guest post by Christina

Hello, friends! This is the first guest post out of four (maybe five) that will be posted during my mission trip to Utah. Enjoy!
Hi All, Christina here from Idlewild and Simply Dollightful guest posting for Jessie! To tell you a little about me, well...it's hard to just tell a little, but I'll try to keep it short. :D  Most importantly, I'm a Christian, and after that comes the fact that I'm homeschooled and am just finishing up 10th grade (crazy, right?). I love to sew, read, act, bake, play piano, create, and be outside. I recently began writing poems, which surprised me a bit; yes, I'm serious, I was surprised. I mean, I wrote a couple when I was about 10, but I had a really hard time writing them, so I never really thought I'd do it again. Shockingly, I suddenly had inspiration one night and wrote a whole poem the next day. Wow. Anyway, this is all to say that I have written about 5 poems in less than a month, and they were all straight from God. So cool. Without further ado, here is a poem I wrote on the 14th (when I was supposed to be doing math haha):
She looked at me with eyes of wonder,
She clung to me when she was tired,
She took my hand when she was lost,
She whispered to me when she needed help.
If only I could be like that child,
To cling to God when I am tired,
To take his hand when I am lost,
To whisper to him when I need help.
Her big brown eyes were full of trust,
Oh Lord, please make mine the same,
Help me to put full trust in you,
Just as that child did in me.

Well, that's it. I based it off of three little girls that I know (well, I guess not really "based" it off them, 'cause I actually experienced all four, but...y'know). Hope you all enjoyed it and thanks a lot to Jessie for letting me guest post on her blog!
Thanks for your guest post, Christina!
Be sure to stay tuned for more guest posts coming up!
much love,

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