Reader Submission event is now a giveaway!

Huzzah! I have three sponsors (so far; I might get even more!) who are donating three 18" American Girl Doll clothes items. My sponsors are Doll DreamzzzThe Whimsical Doll 2, and The Beach Shack. Each guest poster (unless they do not wish to) will be entered in a drawing for one of the three items that these awesome shops are sponsoring! As soon as I receive the items in the mail (what they are will be kept a secret until then) I will take lots of pictures and post them up here. I can promise you that they're very awesome!!

I have a button below that you can steal and put on your blog somewhere.

I'm leaving early Sunday morning and won't be able to publish any submissions from then 'til the 24th, so make sure you get your submission in before Saturday (June 15) evening so I can get it up and scheduled. Remember to attach all images and tell me where to put them; I forgot that when you paste them into the message I have to download them anyway, so it takes a while for me to get your post up that way.

Go write me a post! I know it'll be fantastic. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

much love,


Emily said...

Does my pre-giveaway-news post count? :) I'll write another one if it doesn't!! Thank you so much, by the way, I had a great time writing it. Let me know if you ever need another guest poster! :)


Jessie said...

Hi Emily! The one you sent in already is perfectly eligible for entering in the giveaway. Thanks for checking; I totally forgot to mention that in the post!